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    *Xanit K'Ven (Guild Level 12) - 5/5 GSB, 4/4 RoS, 4/4 GP - Molinar PvP*

    Xanit K'Ven is looking for new members to join our ranks! We are currently finishing up current raid content and is focused on further raid progression and content farming for the upcoming raid zones. Xanit K'Ven is a long standing MMO gaming based community established during the days of EverQuest. We have all played together in a multitude of MMOs with our main goals being PVE/PVP progression and having a good-hearted, fun time while doing so.

    Applicants are asked to be Tier 2 equipped (hit/focus/toughness) capped and raid ready. However, all applicants are taken on a case by case basis. We will not turn away talented players, and we will not hesitate to sit people who cannot learn from their mistakes, or meet the minimum dps/performance requirements.

    Current raid times are Tuesday. Wednesday, and Thursday 6:00 PM PST (server time) with an optional Sunday raid, based on interest level and progression. We use Ventrilo and have all the needed guild perks (including 3/3 Blood Thirsty). Loot distribution is handled via a loot council and items are awarded based on member attendance, raid contribution, and recent loot awarded.

    We are recruiting talented players of all classes, with a higher need for heal clerics and dps warriors. We would also be willing to talk to small guilds (5-10 members of similar backgrounds and play styles) interested in joining forces for raid progression.

    If you think you fit the bill, please contact Menden, Ryziggy, Vyndiin or any online member with questions. We appreciate your interest in Xanit K'Ven and hope to hear from you.
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